Scenes/Frame Range

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Because you must render many frames to make an animation, they can take a long time to render. Shaderlight gives you controls so that you can render only part of a sequence.


All – Renders all the frames in your animation (the total number is shown in the Duration section)


Scenes – Click the radio button and then select a range of the SketchUp Scenes that you want to render


Frames – Click the radio button and then set the frame numbers you want to render. You can use the total number of frames in Duration as a guide


Note: The Duration will always show the full duration of the SketchUp animation, even if you only select to render a part of it using the Scenes or Frames options. However, the From and To numbers in the frame range section will always show the exact frame numbers that are to be rendered


Overwrite Existing Frames – By default this box is un-checked. This means that if Shaderlight finds a frame with the same name as the one it is about to render, it will skip over it. This is designed so that if you have to interrupt a render, when you restart it Shaderlight won't re-render frames that have already been completed. When this box is checked, Shaderlight will overwrite any frames that already exist


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