SketchUp Material Editor Issues

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The SketchUp Material Editor on the Mac has some inconsistent behaviour and so it is not advisable to use the palette of material swatches in the Materials Picker to select the material you want to edit in Shaderlight. The best way to select materials is to always use the eyedropper.


Below is an example inconsistency in the Mac SketchUp Material Editor:




In edit mode, SketchUp allows you to change the color and texture of the selected material. However it is possible for the material shown in the Edit Material section to get out of synch with the material selected in the Material Picker section and even out of synch with the color of the object in the scene!


For example, in the default scene, select Susan's jean blue material by using the eyedropper, then double click the color chip in the Material Picker




Now click on the <Beige>1 color in the Material Picker while editing jean blue. <Beige>1 will now be highlighted in the Material Picker, but jean blue will still be in the Edit Material section and its color will now be beige in the scene.




Even though <Beige>1 is selected and highlighted, it is still jean blue that is being edited.


If you then select Edit->Undo Edit Material from the SketchUp Edit menu, the color of jean blue will switch back to blue in the scene, but NOT in the editor.




Due to this and other inconsistencies in the SketchUp Material Editor, the best way to select materials for editing (either  in SketchUp or in Shaderlight) is to always use the selection eyedropper.


Tip: When in the SketchUp Material Editor is in edit mode the Paint Bucket cursor changes to the eyedropper allowing you to select materials from the scene. The Shaderlight Material Editor will update as you select using the eyedropper



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