SketchUp Sunlight

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The default lighting for Shaderlight is the SketchUp Sunlight system. The options you set in the SketchUp Shadow Settings window, such  as the time and date, will interactively update the Shaderlight Render.




If you turn on Display Shadows in SketchUp, shadows will be rendered in  exactly the same place in the Shaderlight image. If On Ground is checked in SketchUp, then shadows will be rendered on the ground in Shaderlight too





Display Shadows = Off

Display Shadows = On

Shadows On Ground = Off


The Light and Dark sliders control the intensity of the sun and ambient light  in SketchUp and in the Shaderlight image.





Light = 80 : Dark = 45 (Default)

Light = 80 : Dark = 0 (no ambient light)

Light = 0 : Dark = 45 (no direct sunlight)


Note: The SketchUp From Edges check box has no effect in Shaderlight. Surface edges have no thickness in the  real world so they can't cast shadows when rendered


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