Skylight Portal

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The Skylight Portal is a special light that improves the rendering of interiors by bringing the skylight inside. Place Skylight Portals over windows and doorways




When you place a Skylight Portal in Shaderlight it is marked by a rectangular area light component with a black cross. There is a half yellow dot in the center of the component which indicates which side of the portal faces into the room. The white rectangle indicates the extent of the portal and should cover the hole (window or door) exactly. The Skylight Portal component is visible in your SketchUp scene, but it won't appear in your Shaderlight image.




Skylight Portal Properties


You can change the intensity and color of the Skylight Portal.


Dimmer The intensity of the  skylight portal is determined by the intensity of the environment (SketchUp Sun, Physical Sky or image lighting presets), so the light that comes through the portal is accurate.  You can reduce the amount of light that comes through by entering a dimmer percentage . It is also possible to use percentages greater than 100% if you wish to have more light  come through than there is outside, but bear in mind that this would not be possible in the real world!


Color The color of the light coming through the portal can be changed using the color sliders. You might do this if the window has colored  glass for example. The color of the light is shown in the swatch at the top left of the Light Editor Window.


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