Sunlight and Artificial Light Levels

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Shaderlight is physically based, so just like in real life the sun is very bright compared to an artificial light. The default 125 candela Point Light is roughly equivalent to a 100w tungsten light bulb; if you switched on a light bulb outside on a sunny day, you would see very little effect. So if you have sun and artificial lights in the same scene, you may not see the effect of the artificial lights in your Shaderlight image.



Bright sunlight reduces the effect of the light from the  table lamp


If you want to reduce the effect of environment lighting compared to the artificial lights, you have three options:


For SketchUp Sunlight , you can reduce the Light and Dark values in the SketchUp Shadow Settings window


For Physical Sky or Preset Lighting Images, you use just the Dark slider


If you are using Skylight Portals you can reduce the amount of light coming through the portal by lowering the Dimmer percentage in the Shaderlight Light Editor Window



Dimming the Skylight Portals increases the influence of the table lamp


Note: Remember that as you reduce the amount of environment lighting, the auto exposure will compensate to keep the image looking correct.  However you will see an increase in the apparent level of artificial light


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