Upgrading to v2

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Important Note: You MUST install your v2 upgrade license on a computer that already has a copy of Shaderlight v1


If you are upgrading from Shaderlight v1 to Shaderlight v2, you will need to:


Make sure you are installing on a computer that has a valid Shaderlight v1 license
Install Shaderlight v2
Purchase a Shaderlight Upgrade license
We will send you a 16 digit activation code via email
Open the Activation Window in SketchUp->Plugins->Shaderlight for SketchUp->Activate Shaderlight
Enter your 16 digit activation code as supplied in an email from ArtVPS




Click Activate


The License Number is checked over the internet and confirmed.




Click OK to complete activation


We recommend closing the Shaderlight Render Window and restarting SketchUp in order to activate the Pro features


If Activation Fails:

Check you have entered the Activation Code correctly
Check your internet connection. If there is no connection available then you must use Manual Activation on a computer with an internet connection.
It is possible that a firewall or proxy server may block the automatic licensing, in which case you can use the Manual Activation method with a standard web browser.



WARNING: If you activate the v2 Upgrade code on a computer without a full v1 license, it will not work


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