Using Warehouse Models with Replace Me

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Using a Google 3D Warehouse model

It is possible to use a model on the Google 3D warehouse as a source file for Replace Me


Select Plugins->Shaderlight for SketchUp->Replace Me Creator
Select a component that you want to replace (the component name will show in the Replace Me Creator window)




Using a web browser, find the SketchUp model you want to use on the 3D Warehouse (like this fantastic Ferrari Dino by Coches de Gonzalo)




To copy the URL of the downloadable model, click on the Download Model menu
...then from the menu click on the download link
...and select Copy link from the context menu




Paste the URL text into the text box labeled Source in the Replace Me Creator




When you render your simple Replace Me component, the warehouse model is used instead. In our example the crude dummy car is replaced with a Ferrari Dino!





Tip: Be careful with warehouse models, they often have unrealistic scale or have the axis in a strange location. You may also want to improve a model by adding Shaderlight properties to the materials.


Of course once you've set up a model for Replace Me use, what could be better than sharing it on the Warehouse with other Shaderlight users!


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