What is Auto Exposure?

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Auto Exposure works just like your digital camera. If your lighting is very bright, the exposure is automatically adjusted so that the image isn't burnt out. If you have very little light, the exposure is adjusted so that you don't have a very dark image.





Under Exposed

Auto Exposed

Over Exposed


Of course, you know how you want the image to look, so the trick is to use the Exposure +/- control to make the image brighter or darker from Shaderlight's "best guess". Adjusting the exposure will not cause Shaderlight to restart the render.







Exposure +/- set to -0.5

Auto Exposed

Exposure +/- set to +0.5


If you want complete control, you can turn Auto Exposure off and manually set the exposure yourself using the Exposure +/- control on its own.



Auto Exposure Off (Manual) Setting




+5.5 Manual Exposure Adjustment


Tip: When using manual exposure, an Exposure +/- value of 0.0 will be roughly correct for a sunlit scene. If you are using artificial lights only, you may have to increase the manual exposure value to +4 or above


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