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More precise adjustment of environment rotation

A numeric entry field has been added to the lighting environment rotation setting. This allows you to enter a specific value, making it easier to get an accurate match of the lighting environment and background image between different SketchUp models.

The rotation angle can also be specified as a decimal number, allowing much finer adjustment of the rotation.

Warning when closing during render

Shaderlight will now warn if you attempt to close the render window while a render is in progress. This can prevent accidentally losing the progress of a long-running render.

Always on Top setting is remembered

Shaderlight will now remember the Always on Top setting’s state between sessions. (The Always on Top setting keeps the Shaderlight window above other windows, which can be useful in auto-update mode to help you observe the effect of changes as you make them.)

(macOS) Dialog positions are remembered

On macOS, the Shaderlight dialogs within SketchUp now remember their positions between sessions. (On Windows, the positions were already remembered, although a known issue remains which means the positions are not remembered if you close and reopen them within the same session.)

(macOS) Prevent a Bugsplat when closing SketchUp

In previous versions of Shaderlight under SketchUp 2018, SketchUp could crash (Bugsplat) on exit if the Shaderlight Material Editor or Animation dialogs had been opened. There is still a known issue where SketchUp 2018 can Bugsplat on exit if a Shaderlight dialog is open and there are unsaved changes.