What’s new in Shaderlight 2018 (6.2)

The latest release of Shaderlight has full support fo the latest release of SketchUp and includes some new features and fixes to make rendering faster and simpler with Shaderlight.

What can you expect to see when you upgrade to this release?

  • SketchUp 2018 Support

Shaderlight 2018 has full support for the latest version of SketchUp Pro 

  • More precise adjustment of environment rotation

A numeric entry field has been added to the lighting environment rotation setting. This allows you to enter a specific value, making it easier to get an accurate match of the lighting environment and background image between different SketchUp models.

The rotation angle can also be specified as a decimal number, allowing much finer adjustment of the rotation.

  • Warning when closing during render

Shaderlight will now warn if you attempt to close the render window while a render is in progress. This can prevent accidentally losing the progress of a long-running render.

  • Always on Top setting is remembered

Shaderlight will now remember the Always on Top setting's state between sessions. (The Always on Top setting keeps the Shaderlight window above other windows, which can be useful in auto-update mode to help you observe the effect of changes as you make them.)

Shaderlight 2018 features also include:

  • Render soft shadows with IES light profiles

In this latest update to Shaderlight 2018, we have added support for the size specified in IES light profiles, which will enable you to greatly enhance the realism for scenes using photometric light data.

  • New transparent material feature

Shaderlight 2018 features a new transparent material feature designed to deliver greatly enhanced realism when rendering transparent materials such as large bodies of water and thick, solid glass objects.


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