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Colour temperature picker for lights

You can now specify the colour of Shaderlight lights by correlated colour temperature. This makes it easier to render real-world light fixtures that are specified by colour temperature. The colour temperature picker is accessed from the ‘Picker’ dropdown in the Shaderlight light editor. A variety of presets are also provided for common light types and CIE standard illuminants.

White balance setting

In the presence of lights with varying colour temperatures it can be useful to adjust the white point of renders to produce images without strong colour tints (or to emphasise a particular colour tint). There is a new White Balance control in Shaderlight’s Render Settings dialog that allows the target white point to be specified.

This control specifies the correlated colour temperature that you would like to be mapped to ‘white’ in the output colour space (sRGB). This means that setting a low colour temperature will have the effect of making the render appear cooler (bluer) and a high colour temperature will make the render warmer (redder).

Shaderlight light tool remembers most recently selected light

To make it easier to create lights based on existing lights in a model, the Shaderlight light placement tool now consistently uses the settings of the most recently selected light.

We also fixed a couple of bugs that prevented the light diameter and colour from being retained for new lights.

(macOS) Fixed new installations with SketchUp 2016

Previously, new installations to SketchUp 2016 were missing a required file. (Upgrades to existing installations would work, because the required file could be reused from a previous good installation.)