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Chairs falling from the sky in a city street

About us

Shaderlight Ltd leads the way in the development of photorealistic rendering solutions that generate visually accurate representations of 3D scenes. Our revolutionary flagship rendering technology, Shaderlight™, is a physically-based, progressive ray-tracer that lets you see your image develop as you work. 

Shaderlight is a plug-in for SketchUp that enables both rendering expert & 3D novices to transform a SketchUp model in to a photorealistic render.  The simple to use yet powerful technology behind Shaderlight will transform 3D visualisation workflows in a wide range of industries from architecture and interior design to wood-working.

Founded in 2002, ArtVPS quickly became established as the leading innovator of dedicated rendering hardware, developing the first processor designed exclusively to accelerate ray-tracing of 3D data. That was then. We are now pioneering the development of rendering software that fully exploits the concept of 3D for everyone.