Lighting Environment Background Images

Match your Shaderlight render's background to the lighting environment


To help give context to your renders, Shaderlight Pro lets you add custom backgrounds to your scene. You can use one of your own images but we've also supplied a selection of backgrounds that match the image lighting enviroments included in Shaderlight Pro.

The background images are only available for use with Shaderlight Pro and you will need to log-in to access them.

Our online help provides more details on using Preset, Moofe and Custom lighting environments and backgrounds.

Preset images


lighting images

moofe lighting image

We've supplied our own selection of backgounds to match the Preset and Moofe lighting environments in Shaderlight.  

If your chosen lighting image is selected from the Preset or Moofe lighting types in Shaderlight's render settings, select your matching background from the navigation on the left. Simply download and save your preferred high resolution background and add it to your render using the custom background option to insert the file.