Shaderlight for SketchUp Resources

Get more out of Shaderlight for SketchUp



We want Shaderlight to transform the way you work with SketchUp. To make sure you get the most out of the software and render fantastic 3D images, we've put together a host of information and resources for you, including Shaderlight for SketchUp tutorials and where to go for further training.

Rendering tutorial videos

Our resident Shaderlight guru, Martin Cox has recorded some useful tutorials to get you started with Shaderlight as well giving you some hints and tips on using the more advanced features of Shaderlight Pro.

shaderlight documentation

Whatever your Shaderlight question our range of documentation should answer it.  Access the comprehensive online help or take a quick look through our frequently asked questions.

shaderlight image based lighting and backgrounds

If you're using Shaderlight Pro you can add custom background images to your scene.  We've supplied a selection of images to match the preset and moofe lighting enviroments including in Shaderlight and Shaderlight Pro.


Every month we host a free Shaderlight webinar to let you in on some of the tips and tricks from our Shaderlight experts!  You can watch some of our previous webinars here.