Shaderlight in Education

3D rendering just got easier


An affordable solution, Shaderlight is the ideal accompaniment to SketchUp in 3D design in education at any age. Whether you’re studying architecture, interiors or computer game design, Shaderlight’s simple tool set of powerful features will bring your ideas to life.


Shaderlight Educational licences are available to buy for $60 from our shop

Proof of your educational status is required upon purchase.

Teachers and Faculty

Contact us for more information about using Shaderlight at your School or University.

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What our users are saying

"Shaderlight offers the students one more opportunity to express their finished design concept, and also exposes them to one more career option: that of a professional renderer. The degree of realism that can be achieved is dramatically heightened by Shaderlight.  This photorealism provide a great wow factor for the students; When they see their designs come to life, first in SketchUp then in Shaderlight it is very satisfying to behold."

Steve Vasilion, Director of Architecure at The Forge Prairie Group and student mentor

"I have spoken to many colleges about the benefits of Shaderlight, one of which is now considering introducing SketchUp to courses so that Shaderlight can be taught!  Shaderlight is going to truly affect the educational market as most students are looking for easy render solutions to bring their designs to another level."

Sekhar Roy,  Designer and Professor at The Florence Institute of Design